Desert Schools
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Campaign: Shine On
Client: Desert Schools Credit Union
Agency: Blind Society
Creative Direction: Nick Hopkins & 9 North
Production: 9 North
2D Character Animation & Storyboards: Katrina Zimmerman

To celebrate Desert School's 75th anniversary, the largest credit union in Arizona launched a forthcoming year-long campaign centered around giving back to the local community. Deemed the Shine On campaign, the centerpiece of the plan will feature a small number of local non-profits competing for a $30,000 grand prize.

In conjunction with Blind Society, and the artwork of Shaw Nielsen, Nick and I built a fully animated 3D world layered with 2D character animation. It was a lot of fun to breath life into this song while trying to maintain all the nuances of the lyrical tribute.


Scene Setups

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Some of the fake products & post-it notes dreamt up by Nick.

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