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Client: Lippincott
Project: Brand As Possibility
Director/Editor: Matthew Kalish
Creative Director: Brendán Murphy
Producers: Rick Wise, Heather Stern
Writers: Heather Stern, Matthew Kalish, Brendán Murphy
Design, CG & Animation: 9 North
Design: Eve Weinberg, Chet Purtilar, Diana Estabridis, Brendán Murphy
Animation: Eve Weinberg, Chet Purtilar
Music: Unseen
Sound Design: Mike Regan
Voice Over: Mike Stoudt
Archivist: Erika Rosenberg

Well renowned branding agency Lippincott wanted to craft an emotionally immersive animation composed of 2D and 3D styles. Eve and I teamed up again with the vision of Matthew Kalish to help bring the brands and logos that Lippincott has built, to life.


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