24th January 2012
-- Kicking off the new year with this fun little animation for Networked Insights.

5th December 2011
-- Here are some product renders I did for Case-Mate.

19th September 2011
-- I just wrapped this animation for Toyota Fantasy Football. Check it out!

1st July 2011
-- Here it is. The first poster for the animated short I am working on with Mike Petrik. You can download the super hi-res version here.

17th May 2011
-- Cubebot is my first character animation. He was a lot of fun to build and animate. All from scratch.

15th February 2011
-- 2011 Showreel is live.

14th February 2011
-- Heart of Stone: My first Valentine's Day animation went live and got featured on Ventilate. The project took three weeks in my spare time. It was my fourth collaboration with the talented Casey Giessen for the music and sfx.